Cincinnati 2013 – Belonging



I have to admit these three guys are snap-worthy. Anyone dressed all in red in public is drawing attention to themselves for some reason and may be photographed without question in my humble opinion. But one of them challenges my motives. OK, let’s talk motive. Why did I take this picture, really? I admit. The sight of three grown men in red suits was pretty funny. Yeah, but what else is going on? The ethical choice is to go with first impressions or to think again and seek another level of truth. There are always many interpretations of a photograph. We must examine our own thoughts and look deeper. Isn’t there another explanation? Why would three grown men appear in public in matching red suites? Looking at the photo now I see another possibility. Maybe they belong to a group. Maybe they’re damn proud of belonging to this group and are willing to risk ridicule with the red suites. My mistake was not asking them what was going on. Maybe there would have been yet another explanation even closer to the truth. We can ridicule people in our photographs by not knowing their story and making one up.

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